Our Company


At Islands Fish Grill everything we do reflects our passion for creating an exceptional and unique environment for entertaining and dining. We do this by always putting our guests and clients first and foremost.

We aspire to be the Freshest Local Seafood establishment in Southeast Florida, serving only fresh local fish, ingredients and also being one of the only establishments to hold our State Wholesale and Federal Southeast Fishery permits.

This along with providing wedding and special events brand in Southeast Florida by utilizing our unique venues and distinctive service offerings to create one of a kind experiences for our guests.



Islands Fish Grill has been established in the spirit of Entrepreneurship. As an employee you are encouraged to use your inherent abilities, to use your training and to use the Islands Fish Grill mission statement as a guide to act in the best interest of the business.


Together united with a vision we can all succeed. Don’t be afraid to ask a team member for help when in need. We believe that in a positive well rounded work environment where everyone is treated with respect, dignity and professionalism.


Every customer – every time!


Be great at what you do, every time you do it!


Continually challenge yourself to raise the bar daily!


Take a new approach to an old problem.